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Download Edition: Can be purchased on Gamersgate & Impulse
-25+ hours of game-play

-Classic Mode 7 graphics

-Side-view Active-time Battles (ATB) reminiscent of the classic console RPGs

-Full-Screen/Windowed Mode Toggle

-Enhanced graphics and sound exclusive to the Special Edition!

-Optional quests and bonus dungeons also exclusive to the Special Edition!

-Beautifully orchestrated soundtrack by Kevin Macleod

-Decisions you and your party make will affect whether other characters or even NPCs live or die and much more!
thther other characters or even NPCs live or die and much more!

Enter a world of shadowy intrigue where stained pasts collide with the present in an explosive confrontation that will define one young man's dark destiny as he attempts to thwart the machinations of a true evil beyond all imagining...

Platform: Windows PC        (XP, Vista, 7)
Genre: Role-Playing
Box Edition - $14.99